Fiberglass laminating – definition.

Laminate is a type of composite, a material made of combining two materials with different mechanical properties, in which the reinforcing component (the so-called reinforcement) is arranged in the form of layers (Latin lamina), between which there is a filling that acts as a binder.

The reinforcement layers can be in the form of unidirectional fibers (so-called roving), fabrics or chopped fiber mats.
Laminate, due to its structure, has good mechanical strength directed towards the fibers.

Polyester-glass laminates (PS / PWS) are made with the use of polyester resins, reinforced with a mat or fabric made of glass fibers. A special feature of laminates is their mechanical strength and stiffness, which is directly dependent on the shape and direction of the fibers. Taking this property into account, structures made of laminates are generally much lighter and more durable than most structures made of homogeneous materials.

Please visit the gallery of products made – among others – from laminates:

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